Frequently Asked Questions

Remember that these are general guidelines, and specifics may vary based on cultural
preferences and personal choices.

Is it necessary to send Save the Date cards?2024-02-16T14:29:46-05:00

Save the Date cards are not mandatory, but they are recommended, especially for
destination weddings or if many guests are traveling. They give guests a heads-up to
reserve the date and make travel arrangements if needed.

When should we start ordering our Save the Date Cards?2024-02-16T14:32:18-05:00

Depending on the style of Save the Date you order, design and production can take 2-4
weeks to complete.

When should we start ordering our Wedding Invitations?2024-02-16T14:32:54-05:00

Depending on the style of your invitations, design and production can take 4-8 weeks to

When should we send out our Wedding Invitations?2024-02-16T14:33:13-05:00

Wedding invitations are typically sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding date. For
destination weddings, it's advisable to send them earlier, around 10 weeks in advance.

How do we handle RSVPs?2024-02-16T14:33:26-05:00

Include RSVP details with your invitation, with a deadline typically 4 weeks prior to your
event. You may use traditional response cards or opt for online responses for

Can we include our wedding website on the invitation?2024-02-16T14:33:44-05:00

Yes, it's a great idea! Include your wedding website on a separate insert card for
additional details, such as venue directions, accommodation information, and registry

What information should be on the invitation?2024-02-16T14:34:12-05:00

The essential details include the couple's names, wedding date, time, and venue.
Additional information may include who is hosting the event, dress code, RSVP
instructions, and any other pertinent details.

How can we indicate our wedding dress code?2024-02-16T14:34:47-05:00

Dress code can be indicated in the lower right corner of the invitation or on a separate
insert. Common dress code terms include "Black Tie," "Casual," or "Cocktail Attire."

Is it okay to send digital invitations?2024-02-16T14:35:31-05:00

Yes, digital invitations are becoming more popular. However, it depends on the formality
of your wedding. Traditional paper invitations are still preferred for formal weddings.

How do we handle plus-one invitations?2024-02-16T14:35:52-05:00

Clearly specify if the invitation includes a plus-one. If you are limiting plus-ones, address
the invitation to the specific guest. We will review other options during your consultation.

What if some guests don't respond by the RSVP deadline?2024-02-16T14:36:06-05:00

Follow up with a polite text or email reminder. If you still don't receive a response, reach
out directly via phone to confirm attendance. Never assume a guest is not coming.

Should we include registry information on the invitation?2024-02-16T14:36:22-05:00

It's generally considered more appropriate to include registry details on your wedding
website. However, word of mouth through family and friends is acceptable.

When should we start ordering reception items?2024-02-16T14:36:41-05:00

Some reception items can take over a month to arrive, including custom cocktail
napkins and koozies. Other items such as ceremony programs, menus and seating
charts can take a few weeks to design and print. However, just about every service or
item could be completed in a few days if necessary.

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