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Anime Boston is a three-day convention held annually in Boston, Massachusetts, USA under the supervision of the New England Anime Society. Our focus is to celebrate and promote Japanese animation, comics, and pop-culture.

This event has been a cornerstone of the North East Anime Convention circuit since our inaugural event in April, 2003. Following unprecedented growth, we quickly outgrew the space in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and moved to the Hynes Convention Center in 2005. The Hynes Convention Center and Sheraton Boston have allowed us to grow in ways we could not have imagined since the idea was first conceived.

While the main focus on Anime Boston has always been Japanese animation and comics, we have expanded to include other aspects of Japanese pop-culture: J-Pop, J-Rock, and live-action Japanese media. We have also delved into Japanese history and traditional culture, thus encouraging people to develop a more well-rounded perspective.

Over 350 staff members work to make this convention possible. On top of that, everyone is a volunteer; no one gets paid for what they do. We all participate because we are also fans (and might be a little crazy). We work year-round to prepare for each convention; in fact, planning for the next year begins before the previous one is even over! Our staff is incredibly diverse and comes from all walks of life and experiences. The hard work and dedication of our staff members ensures that we put on the best show possible.