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Introducing Emerald 3D Service2017-10-04T15:59:56-04:00

What is Emerald 3D?


e create photo-realistic 3D printed replicas of our customers, which we call Munchkins. They celebrate our loves, friendships and passions.

Get a 3D Munchkin for yourself or give it as a gift. Whatever the purpose, they make the perfect memento to capture any special moment in time.

Come visit our booth inside the new Dreamland Wax Museum (1 Washington St, Boston, MA) for your photoshoot in our large 3D photo booth.  The booth captures 178 photos simultaneously and renders those photos into a 3D image for full color printing. You then get to choose the size of the Munchkin you’d like.  They are currently available in multiple sizes ranging from 3” – 14”.

Call us today to book your photoshoot at (617) 657-0812 or email us at [email protected]

Some Details!

We hope that your Munchkin will be a delight to everyone, but please be aware of the following:

  • Any item smaller than approximately ½ inch in diameter may not print. Including pieces of jewelry, rings, strings. Extended fingers are usually an exception to this rule when printed as large figurines. Thin objects may also not print well or might be very delicate.

  • Be aware some details will not be as crisp as in reality. Details of a particular pattern or a tattoo may not be reproduced clearly.

  • Exact colors/hues of your clothing and skin may not appear exactly as they do in reality, but they’ll come pretty close.

How to ensure the best results!

Your Munchkin will look their best when you look your best. But we do have a few recommendations:

  • Wearing bright colors, patterns and textures with print better.

  • You only need to bring or wear the outfit you would like to be scanned in, however if you have multiple outfits that you’d like to try, that’s fine too. We do have a dressing room…sort of!

  • Reflective material such as leather, metals, sequins, and glitter won’t print the best

  • Glasses with subtle frames are difficult for the 3D camera to capture. The thicker and darker the frames, the better.

  • Hats are best avoided…the bills can break easily.

Will you come to my event?2017-05-18T23:08:52-04:00

Yes, our photo booth is mobile. We charge a flat rate to show up that includes 2 Free Munchkins.  Contact us for details.

Is it safe to be scanned?2017-05-18T19:23:54-04:00

Yes, it’s the same as having your picture taken with a phone or digital camera.

How long do I have to stand still for?2017-05-18T19:23:29-04:00

About ¼ second.

Do you print the Munchkins in-house?2017-05-18T19:23:00-04:00

No, we have the 3D printing professionals do that.

What type of material are the Munchkins?2017-05-18T19:22:11-04:00

Our Munchkins are made of sandstone, resin and plaster.

What is your return policy?2017-05-18T19:21:25-04:00

Other than your Munchkin arriving broken, which we will have reprinted, we have a strict NO RETURN POLICY.

What is your refund policy?2017-05-18T19:20:56-04:00

Once you’ve completed your photo session and we’ve uploaded your images for 3D rendering and printing, there are no refunds.

What if my Munchkin breaks a week after I have it?2017-05-18T19:20:33-04:00

Once your Munchkin arrives in good shape, we can no longer be responsible. Your Munchkin is very fragile, so please take good care of it.

What if my Munchkin arrives broken?2017-05-18T19:20:01-04:00

Within 3 days of your Munchkin(s) arriving we need to be notified (via email at [email protected]) if any item was damaged during shipping. We will ask you to return the item to us and upon doing so a new Munchkin will be printed and shipped to you. It will take the same amount of time to get you your replacement (4-6 weeks…there is no rush production option).

How long do they take to print and arrive?2017-05-18T19:19:21-04:00

Production and Shipping time is approx. 4-6 weeks

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?2017-05-18T19:18:57-04:00

Yes, the amount of Munchkins you purchase will determine your discount. Please contact us for further details.

What type of payments do you accept?2017-05-18T19:18:22-04:00

Cash, all major credit cards and checks. Returned checks are subject to a $35 fee and product will be held until payment is made.

How much are the Munchkins?2017-10-04T16:06:32-04:00

Size (in inches) 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person
3 $79.95 $119.95 $149.95 $179.95
5 $99.95 $149.95 $199.95 $209.95
7 $149.95 $209.95 $269.95 $339.95

     *  contact us for additional sized pricing

What sizes can the Munchkins be printed?2017-10-04T16:07:26-04:00

They start at 3” and go up to 14”.

Can I bring in a group of people to see what their 3D photos will look like?2017-05-18T19:15:40-04:00

Yes, we love groups! Please check with us for special photo session pricing.

How many people can you photo at once?2017-05-18T19:15:13-04:00

Up to four people (an infant under 1 or a small animal does not count towards this total).

Do I get the 3D files to print on my own?2017-05-18T19:14:50-04:00

There is an additional cost for the actual printable files.

What if I want to see more than 3 captures in 3D?2017-05-18T19:12:36-04:00

Each additional photo that you want to see in 3D will be an extra $10 charge. This charge will not be applied to any Munchkins you purchase but you will have extra 3D photos to choose from.

How many pictures do I get to see in 3D?2017-05-18T19:12:09-04:00

You’ll get to choose 3 photos from your session to be rendered into 3D.

What if I want you to take more than 5 captures?2017-05-18T19:11:49-04:00

We’ll take more if needed… but within reason. This isn’t a Sports Illustrated professional photo shoot.

How many pictures do I get in a session?2017-05-18T19:11:26-04:00

We take up to 5 captures, depending on the amount of people, that you’ll get to see before they’re uploaded for 3D rendering.

Does it cost anything to get your photos done?2017-05-18T19:10:55-04:00

Yes, we charge a $20 fee per photo session, however this fee will be applied to the first Munchkin you purchase.