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Emerald Invitations provides a distinctive combination of custom and catalog invitations, as well as hand and machine calligraphy, designed to make your wedding day memorable and uniquely yours. We work hard to ensure each piece is designed and executed with the highest quality craftsmanship and reflects each couple’s own style and personality. Contact us today for a private appointment.

“I cannot speak highly enough about Emerald Invitations. After wasting my time for weeks with another shop, a friend recommended Emerald Invitations. I live in another state so I was a little hesitant to work with someone so far away at first. I’m so glad I did!”
” I can’t speak highly enough of the quality and service these guys deliver. They hit the perfect balance of flexibility in customizing whatever we wanted, while providing guidance to help us figure out what that actually was!”
“What a wonderful and fun team Mike and Chris are!!! We had know idea what we were doing in picking out our invitations etc. and they were so patient and kind!!”
“Great experience working with them! They were very helpful when we went to their store to look at invitations. They were very responsive to all of my questions and the invitations came out beautifully.”

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20 Wedding Lessons We Learned from ‘Friends’

September 22 marks 20 years since Friends premiered on NBC. During the show's decade on the air, we witnessed plenty of weddings (and Ross was responsible for "just like half of that"). The lessons learned are just as relevant today. Here, the top 20:

1. Don't over think the proposal
Chandler tried to throw Monica off guard by pretending he hated marriage, and he almost lost her to ex-boyfriend Richard. And Mike got so caught up in planning a perfect (albeit cliché) proposal for Phoebe, from using the big screen at a game to hiding the ring in a slice of cake in a restaurant, that he lost track of what really mattered. Eventually, Monica proposed to Chandler (or at least tried to, until she was crying too much to get the words out — “There's a reason why girls don't do this!”), and Mike realized a simple proposal was all he needed: “I keep trying to propose in these stupid ways, and all I want to do is tell you that I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

monica chandler proposal friends

2. But do make sure to actually ask the person to marry you
Friends taught us that just because someone is down on one knee holding a ring, it doesn't mean that he's proposing.

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