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Emerald Invitations provides a distinctive combination of custom and catalog invitations, as well as hand and machine calligraphy, designed to make your wedding day memorable and uniquely yours. We work hard to ensure each piece is designed and executed with the highest quality craftsmanship and reflects each couple’s own style and personality. Contact us today for a private appointment.

“I cannot speak highly enough about Emerald Invitations. After wasting my time for weeks with another shop, a friend recommended Emerald Invitations. I live in another state so I was a little hesitant to work with someone so far away at first. I’m so glad I did!”
” I can’t speak highly enough of the quality and service these guys deliver. They hit the perfect balance of flexibility in customizing whatever we wanted, while providing guidance to help us figure out what that actually was!”
“What a wonderful and fun team Mike and Chris are!!! We had know idea what we were doing in picking out our invitations etc. and they were so patient and kind!!”
“Great experience working with them! They were very helpful when we went to their store to look at invitations. They were very responsive to all of my questions and the invitations came out beautifully.”

Interesting News and Happenings

This Wedding Trend is Illegal in 48 States

Holy smokes! The New York Times reports that cannabis-themed weddings are the latest craze on the West Coast. (The sale of marijuana for recreational use is now legal in Colorado and Washington State.)

"Weedings," or weed weddings, incorporate the drug in everything from floral arrangements to favors and edible desserts to joint bars. There are even "budtenders" at dispensaries who will advise newlyweds on which strain they should choose. (Bec Koop of Buds and Blossoms says that "If there are two conflicting families who are not too happy about the wedding, you might want to find a strain that will make them a bit more euphoric.")

Photo Credit: The Hazy Daisy on Instagram

According to proponents, including pot-centric details is no different than newlyweds sharing other pastimes or hobbies that they love with their guests. We're guessing that even a Harry Potter, zombies or some other wacky wedding theme isn't as likely to make Grandma blush or your boss squirm in their seat, though. However, advocates argue just the opposite: Unlike alcohol, marijuana is perfect for weddings because it mellows everyone out and fosters positive emotion.

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5 Relationship Tips For Couples Getting Married

In the midst of wedding planning and the countless decisions that must be made, it can be easy to forget about the most important thing in your life: your relationship with your fiancé. Date night gets waylaid by DJ interviews, brunch gets bumped by florist visits and suddenly you realize that you haven’t spent quality time together in months. Here are a few ways to stay focused on each other before saying "I Do."

couple walking holding hands
Photo Credit: The McCartneys Photography via Lover.ly

1. Make your relationship the number one priority.
It sounds trite, but explaining what you need and what is bothering you is an essential component of every relationship. If you’re feeling like all of the focus is on your wedding and not on your relationship, tell your fiancé. Let them know that you love them and spend an evening out that has nothing to do with your upcoming wedding. This gives him/her a heads up and the ability to fix the situation before it turns into an argument. 

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Bride Finds Wedding Dress Lost During Hurricane Sandy

On July 29, 2012, Nicole Vinciguerra Pagliaro married the love of her life in two stunning dresses. For the ceremony, she wore her aunt's elegant 41-year old dress (which she returned the next day) and during her reception she changed into a stunning ruffled fit-and-flare. 

A few weeks after her nuptials, she took her reception gown to South Beach Cleaners on Staten Island to be preserved. When Hurricane Sandy hit and flooded the dry cleaners with over five feet of water, the new bride thought her dress was lost forever. 

vintage wedding dress
The bride kisses her new husband in her aunt's vintage gown.
Photo via Facebooklost wedding dress
Here, we see the beautiful reception dress as the couple pose for photos beneath the Verrazano Bridge.
Photo via Facebook

After the newlyweds tied the knot, they moved into a new house in a different neighborhood. (They were expecting their first child.) A couple days after Superstorm Sandy, the groom, Michael Pagliaro, went back to their old town to check on friends and family that still lived there. The bride was devastated when her husband told her that the shop that had her dress was completely destroyed.

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